Our Brands

Mile High Spirits currently produces an array of high quality spirits, right here in the heart of Denver. Our passion is rooted in quality and affordability reflecting the fact that it does not cost an arm and a leg to produce the best artisan products with the finest ingredients.
Mile High Spirits has added community and culture to Denver by launching a full service tasting lounge that showcases our premium liquors. Come down and check out our tasting room and artisan production facility where you can learn all about how we make our spirits and what separates us from the rest.

Mile High Spirits'

Fireside Whiskey

Fireside Whiskey is a bourbon that is truely better than the rest. It is dangerously smooth but still maintains all of the robust flavor gained from aging in brand new white oak barrels. Its flavor and finish are second to none and the market will agree that Mile High Spirits has perfected Colorado Whiskey.

Mile High Spirits'

Elevate Vodka

Elevate Vodka is an Ultra-Premium vodka at an affordable price. Uniquely distilled 6 times using one of the only glass stills in the world, Elevate truly has the cleanest finish in the industry. We use only the finest Rocky Mountain Water to ensure that the unparallelled distillation process is accompanied by the most crisp and refreshing water available. Grab a bottle today and experience what everyone is talking about!

Mile High Mule
1. Elevate Vodka
2. Ginger Beer
3. Squeeze of fresh lime

Elevate goes great in your favorite cocktail and on ice too!

Mile High Spirits'

Denver Dry Gin

Denver Dry Gin is a Denver made London dry gin that is guaranteed to knock the socks off of you gin lovers. With the perfect combination of Juniper, Coriander, and Citruses, blended with our secret spices, Denver Dry Gin offers a flavor profile that is only matched by its amazingly smooth finish.

Mile High Spirits'

Peg Leg Rum

Inspired by the open sea and perfected by the Distillers at Mile High Spirits; Peg Leg White Rum offers a unique hint of Vanilla and Coconut in its flavor profile. Our sugar cane and molasses fermentation along with our distillation process are second to none and it shows in our products. Give Peg leg a try and get excited for the Spiced Rum to come out soon! We know that you will be back for more.